First post and already a big hit. New sports, new trackers locked and loaded!

At the beginning of the month the company was rebranded from softnetSPORT to STATSCORE and yet just a few days later we are happy to announce that 4 new LivematchPro trackers have been shown the light of day.

Thus far the sports we covered were Football (Soccer), Basketball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Volleyball and Handball. But our plans are very ambitious, and we want to reach all clients and all their needs so they can satisfy their clients respectively.

We believe we have been doing a hell of a job lately getting the new trackers ready and in this post we will present only a sample of their real visual potential. A dark and light version is what we have for the moment but new templates will also be available sooner rather than later. What we believe is a great new feature is, the tracker can now be displayed from a range of 320px. What you need is what you get!

Back to the sample topic though. On the dark version we present what the tracker looks like from the front, the view most commonly used to follow a game live. On the light version is a sample of the other tabs we prepared for users so they can fully and easily navigate during the game to get all the necessary info they need, e.g:

  • Statistics (how many points scored, highest breaks and many more depending on the sport);

  • Event incidents one by one from the beginning till the end of a game (easy to check the run of play, even after the event);

  • H2H Comparisons for a better view of how the teams/players played against each other in the past;

  • Standings to see the current league table and simply be able to analyse the hopes and chances of each of the competitors.

But enough of the talking here. It is high time we introduced our special guests:




Let us explain some functions on the tracker. As you can see above there are only 1-7 innings shown on the tracker. But there are arrows to navigate and you can easily find the inning you are interested in. The one currently in play will always be visible and highlighted. We can already tell you that now every sport will be covered in the same way. If there are sets, frames etc. that will force the tracker to go wider then the arrows will appear automatically. Every column name will have a tooltip so that everything is clear for the user.










We are very excited about our new trackers, but as happy as we are at the moment, the more determined we approach the big challenge of creating new trackers for new sports. Even sports you didn’t imagine following via a live relay are now possible!


More about LivematchPro at our website