I think everyone remembers their first day at work… So let’s relive this memory one more time to think together about the best approach. There are some practices that we recommend at STATSCORE. Here it works great!


When you are shy and introvert it can be a hard and stressful day: new people, new places, a little like „Alice in Wonderland”. And when shyness is not your style, you just see great opportunities and ways to make a great first impression 😉 But all newly hired employees share one common denominator – the necessity to get to know new rules.

STATSCORE always tries to make rules as agile and smooth as possible. That’s why we created the “Employee’s guide” that we send to all our brand new employees on their very first day of work. This information is also explained in detail by one of our HR Specialists.

STATSCORE’s guide provides information about all sorts of rules, including the following:

  • Attendance at work
  • Absence from work
  • Holiday requests
  • Leaving the office during working hours
  • Emergency numbers
  • Evacuation plan
  • Benefits for employees
  • Structure and information flow
  • Bicycle parking

After the first day we know how to organize our work, where we eat, where we play darts and table football 🙂


But the most important thing is that after the first day at STASCORE, (and every other day) we know that STATSCORE is a collection of people, who share passion, optimism, consistency, continuous self development and the spirit of teamwork.

We treat STATSCORE as a source for our values, by turning them into the following actions:

S Stay focused on your development
T Treat everyone with kindness and respect
A Always remember: success is a team sport
T Take care of yourself
S Spend your time on helping customers
C Commit to excellence and simplicity
O Organize your to do list everyday
R Remember to never give up
E Everyday keep your dreams alive


There are of course a lot of unwritten rules that make our office hours easier – we do not disturb our coworkers while working, we are not late ect, in short, we respect each other.

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We try to follow the motto of our colleague Kuba, “make life easier, people better and this day just as beautiful as it could be” 🙂

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