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FIFA U-20 World Cup pre-match analysis – Day 9


Mali – France

Venue: Stadion Miejski, Gdynia

One point for each team and both will be promoted directly to the next stage. However, will it be a game without emotion? We don’t think so, we believe that France will fight for all 9 points in the group stage. Team Mali escaped the executioner axe in the game against Saudi Arabia where they had to chase the result until the last minute.  They will find France a much more demanding rival.

STATSCORE prediction:  Mali – France: 2


Saudi Arabia – Panama

Venue: Stadion im. Zdzisława Krzyszkowiaka, Bydgdoszcz

Both teams need to win if they want to think about being promoted to the next round by finishing in 3rd place, but even if they win, its not a certainty that will be enough. The performance of these teams have not been convincing and they have conceded a total of 9 goals between them and earned only 1 point.

STATSCORE prediction:  Saudi Arabia – Panama: X

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Republic of South Korea – Argentina

Venue: Stadion Miejski, Tychy

Argentina may, South Korea must. After two good performances and wins, Albicelestes are in a very comfortable situation with a 3 point advantage over both South Korea and Portugal. To make 100% sure of getting to the knockout stage a draw will be sufficient for them. The Koreans two matches so far have ended 1:0, the first they lost, the second they won. Now they really need to win against Argentina to have peace of mind about reaching the knockout phase.

STATSCORE Prediction: South Korea – Argentina: X

Republic of South Africa – Portugal

Venue: Stadion Miejski, Bielsko-Biała

Portugal’s play has been disappointing so far given that they are one of the favorites. Their two first games were very tough and in the second Argentina was much the better team. Now they have to prove that it was only a bad day and take advantage of their match against South Africa. In turn, the players from South Africa have had some good moments in both of the matches they have played so far, but it was not enough to earn them any points. The match against Portugal could end up being played just for honour – unless they get lucky and finish up in 3rd place to give themselves a chance of reaching the knockout phase.

STATSCORE Prediction: South Africa – Portugal: 2


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