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FIFA U-20 World Cup pre-match analysis – Day 6


Panama – France

Venue: Stadion im. Zdzisława Krzyszkowiaka, Bydgdoszcz

The French certainly know that they have one of the easiest possible groups and it seems that they will try to win it with the least amount of effort. An easy win over Saudi Arabia should be enough proof.

Now it’s time for them to face Panama, a team, who has not lost in their last 9 games. But the only two teams that have been highly ranked, Mexico and Mali in their first-round match at this World Cup, only ended in draws.

STATSCORE prediction: Panama – France: 2

Saudi Arabia – Mali

Venue: Stadion Miejski, Gdynia

Theoretically, Mali should not have too many problems beating Saudi Arabia, because they have not lost the last five matches against demanding rivals. However, Saudi Arabia beat Nigeria this month in a friendly game in the-run up to this World Cup.

When it comes to the tournament and the first-round matches, both teams failed to win but Mali at least gained a point from their draw against a Panama team who are not one of the favorites to win this competition. Saudi Arabia may be better prepared after a challenging game with France. The worst should now be behind them.

STATSCORE prediction: Saudi Arabia – Mali: X

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Portugal – Argentina

Venue: Stadion Miejski, Bielsko-Biała

After the first-round “warm-up” for both teams, the real test is coming. Portugal and Argentina are the biggest favorites to win the whole tournament. In first-round Portugal’s result was slightly less impressive but they controlled the match. A quick goal in the 7th minute helped them for sure.

Argentine’s game was much more attractive but it seems that it also took a lot more out of them. In the first half, the match was very tough. Argentina took an early lead, but South Africa equalized twenty minutes later. Only in the last 30 minutes were the Albicelestes able to pull away and scored more goals.

It’s likely that regardless of the result of this match, both teams will move onto the next round, however, you can expect some really good football today.

STATSCORE prediction: Portugal – Argentina: X

Republic of South Africa – Republic of South Korea

Venue: Stadion Miejski, Tychy

“All or nothing” – such a sentence should guide both teams today. They lost their first-round matches against Portugal and Argentina. If either team wins today, their chances to be promoted from the 3rd place will significantly increase. One question remains, will the “happy football” style from South Africa or the bravery of the South Koreans, come out on top?

STATSCORE prediction: Republic of South Africa – Republic of South Korea: 1



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