Learning languages is another piece of the puzzle in our development process. That’s why STATSCORE is starting English lessons online. The evenings are now longer, so it’s a good moment 🙂

We already know that we should know foreign languages.
But what is the best way to achieve this goal? There is one simple answer: DO IT REGULARLY.

When you start to learn a foreign language, try to connect with it everyday.
If you don’t have much time, try to read at least one news item in the morning, in a foreign language.
Try to use methods which are attractive to you. It could be:

  • reading books and watching films in the original language version (horrors, romances, whatever)
  • reading opinions about holiday directions and hotels :), again in a foreign language
  • looking for news topics that are especially interesting for you (new fish species, ancient Incas, who knows)
  • etc.

Try to use tips that could be effective for you:

  • stick little flashcards on objects you see often
  • use mnemonic techniques to organize any new vocabulary
  • use colours by highlight words you want to remember

Recognize your learning style:

  • when you are an auditory learner – read out loud any new material
  • when you are a visual learner – write down any new vocabulary
  • when you are a kinesthetic learner – include some activities to help remember things

But whatever your style is, one thing should be constant – do it regularly.
We wish you good luck, fingers crossed and stay focused on your development as always! 🙂