Busy as a bee – the nature of job efficiency

Did you know that there is special music intended to increase our productivity? It’s a pity that this beat doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t work for bees either and yet with around 10 different duties to complete, they always effectively manage to do the right job. STATSCORE brings job efficiency to your attention.

But let’s go back to our hive… What are the key job efficiency factors?


If our skills and knowledge fully comply with the requirements of our position our work is, of course, accomplished faster and easier. If on the other hand there is a need to ask somebody how to complete our task or check our work every step of the way – it would be very difficult to be as effective as an experienced colleague. Do we need better motivation to encourage faster self-development?


There are many good practices to help us work more efficiently:

  • Making a realistic to do list that prioritizes the tasks we face (removing accomplished tasks gives us a bonus-feeling that a duty has been fulfilled)
  • Staying assertive and delegating tasks that do not belong to us
  • Avoiding the „right away – mode” e.g. check your email at a specific time during your working day and not every 10 minutes
  • Try to be focused on one thing – when we try to answer a phone call and an email at the same time, of course, we are too distracted to do either task well
  • If it’s possible to let’s try to make our work well structured with an awareness of how much time we need for each given issue


Let’s make our plan achievable. If our daily to-do list contains 50 items, it’s more likely to cause frustration instead of a sense of a good organization. Then let’s divide larger tasks into smaller parts, they will look more inviting because they will be well within our reach.


Private issues should be done before or after our working day (writing “at home” would mislead remote employees). So, no social networking unless you work in marketing, sales or you are a headhunter.

No dealing with invoices and bills unless you work in accounting and finance.

No shopping unless you work in supplies 🙂


Lack of sleep will affect our job performance. When we are tired we make more mistakes, we get distracted faster and have a poorer memory.

Physical activity performed regularly and over the long-term will help us to concentrate more easily and overcome our own limitations to achieve our goals (5 minutes more, only half a kilometer left, just 2 more push-ups).


It is very important to choose optimism, do not give in to demotivation and negativity, try to stay open to new things and enjoy the things that we have managed to do.

In that way we can feel great job satisfaction from what we achieve, it gives us the inner energy which will be the fuel of our efficiency.

By the way, did you know that according to studies conducted by the University of Sussex, bees like caffeine?

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