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Boost your offer with high-quality exclusive sports data!

STATSCORE’s portfolio of sports leagues, for which we are providing sports data and statistics as the exclusive rights owner is constantly growing. Find out how your sports betting or media business can get an immediate boost from employing such top-quality data that can be obtained legally only from us.

What is STATSCORE’s exclusive sports data?

Sports data and statistics are used by thousands of companies, sports betting businesses, media outlets, and sports organizations around the world. However, not all the data is created equal. To make its use really profitable, first, you need to make sure that all the stats and data that make available to your customers, bettors, fans or users is reliable, trustworthy, and as fast as possible.

Moreover, you need to make sure that your source of data is legal, meaning: your data is data provided by a party officially partnering with a league to collect the stats from the venues exclusively, which secures no risk of a breach in the sports info delivery.

Sports leagues and competitions have been quickly realizing the benefits of having their official data collected and compiled by specialized sports data companies, among which STATSCORE is a major power. That’s how exclusive sports data agreements were born. 

Boost your sports offer with top-quality exclusive data

Under these deals, sports leagues make sure that only STATSCORE scouts are allowed to collect the data from the venues and all the other potential scouts won’t enter the stadiums and halls. The data they provide is reliable, fast, and accurate. That’s how sports organizations can take control of their statistics and data. 

Employing this kind of official and exclusive sports data makes it possible for your sports-related business to provide your users with the best offer on the market! Create better betting odds, enhance your online content, attract more users, and increase your profit with STATSCORE’s exclusive sports data!

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Leagues and competitions for which STATSCORE provides exclusive data

Let’s take a look at some of the top leagues for which STATSCORE delivers top-quality exclusive sports data.

STATSCORE’s Scouts have been providing official sports statistics from all the Belgian Betcenter Futsal League matches as the only ones allowed to the venues. The collected data is made available through STATSCORE’s LeagueCenter and TeamCenter, customizable platforms that allow the league, and its clubs, to display all kinds of data their fans might be looking for – live statistics, standings, squads, pre-match comparisons, and innovative events animations

The exclusive data is available commercially for sports-focused businesses, such as betting companies that wish to offer this exciting competition to their users.

STATSCORE’s Scouts are providing official sports statistics from all the games held within 1. Liga Futsalu (Czech 1. Futsal League), which is the premier futsal league in the Czech Republic. The competition was established in 1993 as the first national futsal competition in the history of Czech futsal. It is currently contested by 12 teams.STATSCORE’s renowned sports data solutions ensure that the league’s fans and followers get access to a wide selection of key sports data and statistics. All the essential data is made available through dedicated LeagueCenter and TeamCenter platforms featured on the league’s and clubs’ websites.

Under the exclusive sports data agreement, STATSCORE has been providing the Polish 2. Liga of football with real-time sports statistics and data gathered directly in the stadiums by teams of experienced scouts.

STATSCORE’s scouts collect and deliver detailed information on all key incidents taking place on the field, including goals, shots on and off target, yellow/red cards, corner kicks, free kicks/penalty kicks, substitutions.

The highest tier of women’s football in Poland will also be able to take advantage of the highest-class statistics and live data. Under the official agreement, STATSCORE has been providing the league with live football statistics and data gathered directly from the venues by teams of experienced scouts.

STATSCORE’s Scouts collect detailed real-time data on key game incidents, such as goals, shots, cards, corner kicks, etc, as well as all the LIVE stats, standings, squads, pre-match comparisons and innovative events animations.

STATSCORE Futsal Ekstraklasa, the highest tier of the futsal pyramid in Poland, has been using STATSCORE’s official sports data since the start of the 2019/2020 season. STATSCORE keeps the league’s fans and followers updated about each attack, shot, foul, yellow or red card, and any other significant incident on the court.Thanks to the outstanding live data and stats, Futsal Ekstraklasa has been able to attract new fans and increase the value of its brand. The high-class data and real-time stats are also widely appreciated by betting companies and sports-data websites that employ it to attract and engage more users! The successful collaboration with the league, based on the top quality of the delivered data, also led to STATSCORE becoming the naming rights owner for the competition.

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STATSCORE has the exclusive rights to gather, compile and distribute the data from all the widely-followed PGNiG Superliga matches. The statistics are used to fuel the league’s digital channels, including online platforms where all the data is made available, and a mobile app. It’s also employed by the league’s TV partners, and by the Superliga’s team’s managers in their match analyses.

The collaboration has been seen as an important step in the development of men and women handball in Poland. The comprehensive match data and real-time handball statistics delivered by STATSCORE have been broadly appreciated by bookmakers and other sports-related organizations, which are able to employ them to attract and engage more fans and users.

How to start using STATSCORE’s exclusive data?

Using STATSCORE’s high-class exclusive data is a great way for sports-related companies to enrich their offer with the fastest and most dependable live sports statistics coming from some of the world’s most interesting emerging competitions! Broaden your offer and give your betting or media business the boost it needs!

Signing up with STATSCORE will provide you with access to lots of competitions for which data rights are exclusively limited to our company to make sure that you have the best sports offer possible!

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