All the colours of LivematchPro

You might have realised that STATSCORE delivers almost 7000 competitions from 28 sports from all over the world. This means that while for some we are in a position to provide full live stats, for some of the less accessible competitions, we will also secure the basic data to make sure that you can update your online users with the most up to date results. This is all reflected in the ranges of stats for available events in LivematchPro: BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and VIP.


Basically, it’s the best that we can offer to your astonish users. For all competitions marked  VIP, we deliver every event with the highest number of team and individual incidents indicated with our special animations. Let’s take for example one of the most popular sport worldwide – soccer (football). The VIP range of stats for events in LivematchPro allows us to deliver, for example, full ball tracking with detailed info on when attacks are taking place. This is the most comprehensive experience of a LIVE game that a sport’s widget can offer to betting enthusiasts.

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GOLD is never old! It is almost as good as VIP, offering a lot of detailed LIVE data while the game is in progress. Of course, it lacks some of the advanced team and player’s stats from VIP but your viewers are still stimulated with all the key events of the game that are displayed with dedicated animations. For instance, with basketball, it means that you are notified immediately about every 2-point and 3-point attempt made and by which player. This is only a teaser! There is much more to enjoy as the games go.

For LivematchPro we always provide the GOLD level of stats for the competitions that are marked Gold in our coverage list. Besides this, we also provide a GOLD level of stats for many random events for other competitions that theoretically should be covered at BRONZE and SLIVER levels. You can find details of the events that have been upgraded easily in the back-office, where all LivematchPro event are correctly marked.

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For SILVER events we provide less data, but there’s still a lot to impress your viewers. The livescores are of course at the heart of the widget. For chosen sports you will also get the athletes’ profiles, standings and individual key stats like goals scored. We also provide all the key incidents for the game in progress to make sure that fan engagement is done properly.


Certainly, they will! Even if we provide only the basic data, we do it as fast as possible. The simple livescores and final results with basic standings – which attract the most attention from many fans of betting – are all secured. We can not forget about the H2H comparisons that make up the core of our widgets from BRONZE to VIP – they are available at all levels to engage your fans into more data-related betting. We decided to include these basic widgets in what we offer to make sure that you have something to offer for every game that your fans may be interested in.

Even if it is about competitions that are less accessible. We are on your side and aim to satisfy your users.

If you want to get in touch to find out more, just contact our Customer Success Team at or use the LiveChat service on our website. We will be more than happy to schedule a call and discuss how we can help your organization!