A Team Well Integrated – STATSCORE’s poem

A Team well integrated

Once upon a time, there was a sports data company,

that was about much more than earning money.

STATSCORE was the name of this brave organization,

that cared a lot about uniting its employees’ nation.


Day by day we worked hard to build the Biggest Sports Data Centre.

From time to time we stopped to type RELAX and hit ENTER.

So we left to spend a weekend on team’s integration,

taking all the staff to enjoy a common vacation.


We went to Ustroń in the beautiful mountains of Poland,

With integrating the office staff as the main goal.


What we did there? Well, this was supposed to remain a secret,

But I will let you know if you promise to be discrete.

We had a big paintball fight to inspire cooperation skills,

There were many missed shots but also some nice ‘kills’.

Trolley exercises helped us to execute teamwork in a competition,

Finding a common rhythm was the right choice to win this mission.

As the evening hit, we went to the jacuzzi, SPA and pool,

It was nice to chill out and just feel a little bit cool.


We also paid a visit to a lovely local brewery,

Where tasting did not demand too much bravery.


A fire was started by the hotel for some night fun,

We gathered around to get warm once we missed the sun.

Since our CEO hit another birthday while we were there,

We had the chance to cheer and drink some beer.

A cake and a statue were brought to celebrate his special day,

The smile on his face proved that the party was A-OK.

It was a fun time to be there together,

We used the team-integration to get closer than ever.

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