6 advantages of constructive feedback

Consciously or not, we are constantly evaluated from the very beginning of our life. From early childhood, a baby hears over its tiny head the doctor’s voice, who says: the child is developing well/poorly for their age. Then the same child hears at school that they are doing well or should try harder.

Years pass and as an adult, they receive many different assessments in their family and professional lives: you are successful, you are the black sheep of the family, you did a good job, you spoil everything, way to go etc.

Are all assessments right and reliable? A part of them, probably yes. Do they give us the chance to draw conclusions for the future? Most of them, certainly not.

All members of the STATSCORE team periodically have an opportunity to give and receive feedback. We always try to make it as constructive as possible.

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There are several ways to make this possible:

  1. How we communicate an issue is more important than what we say. Non-verbal communication caused by our impatience, nervousness, excitement, boredom, haste, sense of superiority is manifested in the tone of our voice and body language (hand and arm gestures, eye-rolling etc.) So, let’s be aware of what we are really communicating.
  2. We always remember not to be critical of the person, but the action taken by the person. Any critical remarks are given in private – ALWAYS.
  3. We stay professional to give clear, specific, rational and substantive feedback and use the facts, not emotions.
  4. We respect our interlocutor. Everyone should have an opportunity to answer any allegations and have their point of view listened to. Therefore, we choose to give feedback face to face, instead of in writing or talking via phone.
  5. We do not forget that the feedback should contain positive accents. It is not about pointing out other people’s mistakes. It’s about creating a path to our common goals and our self-development. We stay friendly and help each other to build self-confidence and motivation.
  6. You always, you never – we avoid generalizing, it’s very frustrating and demotivating. We do not collect problems like ammunition, we solve them on a regular basis.

What more can we do? Let’s make our face to face meetings an exciting and learning experience! 🙂


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