3 TeamCenter features that will take your business to a new level

Running a website for a sports team – whether it’s an official or unofficial site – there is always a common goal. It is all about attracting the highest possible number of users and building a relationship that will keep them coming back. To achieve this goal you need truly distinguishing features. You can have all the features you need, when you chose STATSCORE’s TeamCenter.


Sport fans are very precise with their demands when it comes to the presentation of their favorite teams. It’s especially important for them that the club’s colors, along with the general graphics and photos used are a good representation of what they see every week. It is all about the look, folks! This is why we made sure that our TeamCenter can be easily customized to display the correct logotypes, colors and even fonts, so they match all the visual guidelines for the team. Thanks to this, we are able to create an environment where fans feel at home, while browsing this great team platform.



Sport is all about the emotions that people connect to their favorite team. These are at there most intensive, once the game kicks off. The unpredictability, mixed with hope and a little bit of fear, makes the live sporting experience one of the greatest feeling ever. How do you provide this kind of a connection, with an online platform?

Welcome to TeamCenter, which we powered up with our famous LivematchPro trackers. These amazing widgets display all key incidents from the matches with unique animations. The Ball or puck is tracked the whole time, so users know exactly, where the action is taking place and what might happen next. Live statistics and info about teams and players, brings an extra dimension to an already great experience. Supporting live sporting events has never been so easy!


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These days, everyone understand that Sport is both business and pleasure. This is why we built our platform in a way that will allow you to increase your revenue. TeamCenter has been well equipped with special advertising slots that you can use or offer to your sponsors. Starting with special banners next to the pitch, the heart of live events, and ending with specially placed side banners that easily catch the attention of visitors. All to help you maximize your turnover.

If you want to get in touch to find out more, just contact our Customer Success Team at We will be more than happy to schedule a call and discuss how our TeamCenter can help your organization!