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10 of the greatest soccer matches from 2018/19 season

The new season in the top European competitions is about to start. This is the last moment to remind the most impressive matches of the last one – 2018/19. This year have been dominated by epic Champions League games. Long-time there have been so many unexpected twists! But stop there! We had also some electrifying games in national leagues. Let the flashbacks begin!

1. Eintracht Frankfurt– Fortuna Dusseldorf 7:1

It could look like a match between one of the top league teams and an outsider but at the end of the season the teams were separated by… two positions in the table. Anyway – this match is special for another reason. You can call it one-man show, because 5 goals for Eintracht was scored by Luca Jovic. Yeah, you can remind the 5-goal miracle by Robert Lewandowski (scored in 9 minutes!) but this time another record has been set. Jovic became the youngest Bundesliga player with 5 goals scored in one match. Well done, kiddo!


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2. West Ham – Huddersfield 4:3

Average match of average teams – you could have been so wrong. The course of this game showed something completely different. West Ham’s players presented great attitude after conceded goal for 1:3 in 65th minute. What’s more, 10 minutes later the result was the same. And then the show started. They have scored 3 goals in 15 minutes and won against The Terriers. This is what we call BIG BANG!


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3. Juventus FC – Atletico 3:0

We all remember Los Colchoneros’ enthusiasm during and after first game in Madrid where Atletico won 2:0. Unfortunately for them, their old enemy changed the situation in rematch. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 3 goals in Turin and Juventus won the promotion to the next round of Champions League. To make this even more complicated for Real – the referee did not allowed their first goal. Whoa!


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4. Lille – PSG 5:1

In the first half it looked like PSG had everything under control. At least until 36th minute when the scorer of the first goal, Juan Bernat for PSG was sent off. After that, the second half was crucial and belonged only to one team. And the name of this team did not start with P, neither it ended with G. Lille took full advantage of having one more player than Parisians and scored 4 goals. The French champions were totally broken.


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5. Manchester City – Tottenham 4:3

After quite calm first match between these teams in the quarter-finals of Champions League, unexpected storm came in the second leg. The storm of goals. Both of the teams scored 5 goals in the first half, what had happened for the first time in the Champions League since April 2015, but this time they did it only in the first 21 minutes! The not allowed promoting goal by Sergio Aguero only added more dramaturgy to this story. The whole match was about balancing on the edge of promotion and finally the Spurs won it. We hope that Tottenham fans have their hearts checked regularly!

6. PSG – Manchester Utd. 1:3

It was probably the best match for Manchester United in the last season. After devastating lose 0:2 at Old Trafford, United came to Paris without any chances given even by the biggest fans. What’s more – they lost their leader in the first match. Paul Pogba was sent off. Another thing – their reserve bench looked like the lineup of academy team and in fact there came three academy players. Finally the appearance of the team was impressed and after penalty goal in the injury time they got to the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Youth is the future – isn’t it?


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7. FC Barcelona – Real Madrid 5:1

What would be the summary of the season without Gran Derbi? Saying that it was not a good season for Real Madrid it’s like saying nothing. All 4 matches against FC Barcelona showed it clearly. Summarizing, the Galacticos collected only one point with goals difference of 2:10. This one match showed all the differences. It was the biggest lose on the Camp Nou since memorable 0:5 in November 2010. Good news for Real? This season is done now.

8. Ajax – Tottenham 2:3

The last season will be mostly remembered as “The big Ajax dream”. They had an incredible journey to the Champions League playoffs. The Tottenham woke them up in the less expected moment. When it looked that the big final is waiting for them, “The Lucas Moura show” begun. He scored three goals in Amsterdam rematch, after 0:1 lose in London, and 2:0 for Ajax after the first half. Moura saved the team by his goals and killed Ajax by the last one in 96th minute.


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9. Liverpool – Barcelona 4:0

If it will be a single match, even friendly with that result it would be unusual. So what to say about such circumstances like losing first match against Barcelona 0:3 and then won 2nd leg 4:0 without 2 key players – Salah and Firmino? It was definitely amazing and the way how The Reds scored last goal proved they deserved to win.


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10. Real Madrid – Ajax 1:4

Has it already been mentioned that it wasn’t the greatest season of Real Madrid? It is not only about La Liga competition. Their finish in the Champions League was also spectacular. After first match against Ajax in Amsterdam, it seemed to be under control of Real Madrid. 1:2 away win should be enough advantage before rematch at Santiago Bernabeu. Nothing more wrong as it turned out. Youthful fantasy knows no limits. Perfect performance by the Amsterdam team shocked all football world. Another good news for Real? The new season has not started yet.


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