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10 lessons from business leaders

Oh yes! We love to educate others but even more, we still want to improve our knowledge and skills. This is why STATSCORE went to the Business Trends Festival 2019, in Warsaw, organized by Business Insider. We would never let the chance to learn from the best pass us by. Let us share with you some of the key information and the tips we learnt.

1. Better capitalism has to be more people-oriented – this is one of the key thoughts that came from the opening speech of Henry Blodget, a Business Insider Co-Founder. We could not have agreed more! Since we are all about people who we believe to be STATSCORE’s most valuable assets. We follow the guidelines that Henry drew attention to in his keynote lecture. The more the company earns, the more it should share with its staff by providing special benefits and increasing wages.

This is what exactly happens at STATSCORE in contrary to the modern trends in the world, especially in the USA but also in the EU, where management incomes have been rising, while staff wages have been perceived as costs only and minimized as much as possible. If you wish to check that healthier and better capitalism is possible, do not wait for tomorrow, live it today with STATSCORE.

2. Localizing your business can be an answer for the global domination of unicorns – not every company has to have 1 billion dollars and offices all over the world. Some of the most successful start-ups in Central Europe have managed to be successful as local-oriented companies. They are not rivals to the big brands. They are happy to provide local answers to meet the specific needs that can not be solved by massive organizations operating from a global perspective. This is one of the key ideas underlined by Michał Szmida from Twisto.

3. Video-branded content is not an option – it’s a must-have – once the presentation delivered by Sabina Lipska was done, the crowd became very enthusiastic. With their innovative and dynamic approach to delivering brand-new video content, they proved that you can attract more viewers and communicate the brand’s main message better. Especially at a time when creating content is so easily available for everyone. It’s not something you can overlook.

4. China’s online ecosystem won the market by banning global players – well, yeap, it’s controversial and definitely, it’s not something in line with the freedom of views and speech, which we all agree within the Western world, but you can not argue with facts. Once China decided to close their online market to global operators with the most powerful services, they empowered local-based companies to build their position and create an equivalent to what has been offered from the West of their borders. The discussion between Jacek Levernes from Globalworth Holding, Maciej Petrykowski from S&P Global Ratings and Brunon Bartkiewicz from ING Bank Śląski turned some attention to the local success of the Chinese online ecosystem with companies like Alibaba and Tencent.

5. A creative mind needs to be relaxed – c’mon, even Bill Gates finds time to meditate every single day. So if he can afford to check out, maybe it is something we can all do. Ylva M. Anderson from May Strategies AB suggested a check-out every day as one of the four bases from the circle of creativity next to collaboration, co-holding the company and coaching each other within the organization as everyone has to try to be their best self and try to help others. Motivating, isn’t it? Those who are busy are seldom too wise. Those who are wise are seldom too busy – closed Ylva, encouraging people to slow down.

6. Don’t let your crisis consume you said John Lynch from Lynka, Keeper of the Faith as he renamed his position after changing it from the CEO once he had managed to get his company out of a huge crisis and almost losing the organization.

The other managing-crisis lessons he gave to the audience were:

  • You can’t do it alone – all hands on deck,
  • But… beware of advice – know who to ask what as when people are trying to help it also creates a lot of noise
  • Be aware of the power of fear and its impact on you and others – it is such a powerful force and affects people,
  • Distance yourself from bad news and don’t worry too much about worst-case scenarios – in crisis you need optimism and creativity, not pessimism,
  • Use humour as a stress reliever,
  • Give your spirit a CPR to keep the faith!

7. It is not your title that is important to manage successfully but how much you can engage people and share responsibility – this is the key tip for leaders, from Fabrice Audan from Perdon Ricard, who discussed leadership in transformation with Hrvoje Puhalo (Podravka), Mark Dekan (Ringier Axel Springer Polska) and Sonia Wędrychowicz (former JP Morgan Chase). A leader needs to earn respect by listening to people and giving them responsibility – claimed Wędrychowicz, who suggested focusing on respect rather than authority. If people leave a meeting without asking questions, it means that the meeting was bad – underlined Puhalo, who believes in leadership based on building a relationship and a platform with people.

8. Transforming the business means also transforming the people. You have to help them evolve – stated Mark Dekan from Ringier Axel Springer Polska. He claimed that those who are unable or unwilling to change at some stage, can not be kept in organizations. Knowing that this is not a popular or diplomatic statement, Dekan said that his statement would not be perceived as politically correct. Certainly, it wasn’t but at least he made people reconsider their approach to the changes that we all face.

9. Being an out-of-the-box thinker, authenticity, ability to deliver changes and emotional intelligence – these are the key skills that help you to become successful at transitioning a company according to the panellists. Would you agree?

10. You need to come out of your comfort zone and… start meeting others – opportunities like Business Trends Festival is one of many available chances to gather some of the top business personalities in one place, where you can meet them all and even talk to them one on one. So, next time, do not stay in a comfortable and warm room but leave to meet them. And meet US!

Let us know about your business inspiration or check if there is an opportunity for you at the most amazing place to work at in the space.