Another blog post and once again a lot to write about. We are delighted we can bring you some new features.

First of all let’s put on table our new creation as we have just expanded our offer with a new sport very different from the others. A sport that can bring a lot of fun and joy not only to professionals, but to everyone that simply wants to give it a try! Many of you have probably tried this one already so here it is: Darts!

Place your bets, take your seat and enjoy the game. You will get information back after every dart thrown, telling you exactly where it landed on the board and this area will blink. You will also get a response if a shot is missed or a dart falls out.

We make it our priority to give you as much as possible from a single game no matter what sport we cover and this one is no different. During play you can use tabs to navigate throughout the tracker and get all the info around the game to make it even more interesting.

We have made a big step forward in upgrading our tracker headers and although the hard work of the IT Department might not have been visible in recent weeks, the effects are amazing and we will soon be able to offer you a lot of different easily configurable templates. You want some stats to be shown on the header – you get it. You want the main result to be shown next to the teams/players names – that’s ok, but perhaps you would like it to be placed on the right hand side of the tracker because that is also possible. Have a look at some examples and be sure that not long from now we will have configured many templates that you will be able to pick from. We do not want to force you to take just one pattern. Make a cup of coffee, have a look at what we have prepared for you, and pick the pattern you think is perfect for your site. And last but not least! After you make your choice, within a day or two you can have it fully operational on your site! Waiting a month? Three months? Half a year?! Not with us!

An example of a snooker tracker header in the dark version (above) and a baseball one in our new demo version below. Here the status of the game is up on the left hand side of the header above the competing teams/players. Then next to them on right side we have an indicator telling us who is serving (same place in every sport, for example a Power play controller like in ice hockey). The next module of the tracker consists of parts of the game (halves, innings, frames etc.). Then a module of the main result and on the right hand side of the tracker the columns of stats are being placed (above “Current break”; below “Hits” and “Errors”).

Here we have an example of the football (soccer) tracker header in the dark version (above) and our new demo version below. Where as you can see the main result is next to either team names (not like on the snooker/baseball example before) or between halves and stats columns. It will be your choice where to place it.

Our work continues and our new company loader actually shows perfectly our current state of work. It simply never ends as we have many ideas. Not for the first time we write this, but be sure there is more to come soon. However LivematchPro is not the only product we are working on and you will find that out in more detail when our next blog post comes up.

To be continued sounds like a perfect ending to this post. See you soon!

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